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Local Hajj: A Guide to Hajj for Local Residents in 2024

Pilgrims offering prayers at the Holy Kaaba in Masjid Al Haram

Planning your local Hajj in 2024? This comprehensive guide has you covered! We'll explain what Hajj is and its importance, unveil the different local Hajj packages available, and detail the registration process with the local Hajj booking portal. Let's ensure your local Hajj experience is smooth and unforgettable.

What is Hajj And Its Significance? 

Before we delve into Hajj packages, let's establish a common ground. Hajj, the pilgrimage to Makkah, is Islam's holiest act and a mandatory pillar for able-bodied Muslims with the financial means to attend. 

Performing Hajj allows Muslims to connect with their faith on a profound level, seeking forgiveness, and strengthening their connection to the Ummah (global Muslim community). Suggested Read: When is Hajj 2024?

Hajj: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hajj is a transformative experience for Muslims worldwide. It's a physically demanding pilgrimage filled with historical and religious significance, fostering unity and faith. But for those prepared, it's a transformative experience.

Preparing for the Journey

Before embarking on this sacred pilgrimage, ensure you're ready:

  • Physical and Financial Capability: Hajj requires physical stamina and financial resources to cover travel, accommodation, and rituals. Be sure you're prepared for both.

  • Mental and Spiritual Preparation: Hajj is a test of faith. Educate yourself about the rituals and their deeper meanings to enhance your spiritual journey.

Planning Your Arrival

  • Registration: Depending on your country, you might need to register for Hajj through a government agency or a licensed Hajj operator.

  • Hajj Visa: Obtain a valid Hajj visa from the Saudi Arabian authorities.

  • Vaccinations: Ensure you have all the required vaccinations for travel to Saudi Arabia.

Entering Ihram:

  • Miqat: Upon reaching a designated location near Makkah called Miqat, enter the state of Ihram, signifying the start of your pilgrimage journey.

  • Intention: Declare your sincere intention to perform Hajj.

The Rites of Hajj:

  • Umrah (Optional): Many pilgrims choose to perform Umrah, a shorter pilgrimage similar to Hajj, before commencing Hajj rituals.

  • Tawaf: Circumambulate the Kaaba, the cubical structure in the centre of the Grand Mosque, seven times counter-clockwise.

  • Sa'i: Walk seven times between the hills of Safa and Marwa, commemorating Hagar's search for water for her son Ismail.

  • Day of Arafah: This is the heart of Hajj. Spend the entire day in prayer and supplication on the plains of Arafah.

  • Wuquf: Stand in prayer and supplication at the Plain of Arafat from noon until sunset.

  • Muzdalifah: Spend the night at Muzdalifah, praying and collecting pebbles for the stoning ritual.

  • Mina: Travel to Mina and perform the stoning of the Jamarat, symbolising the rejection of temptation.

  • Head Shaving or Shortening: Men shave their heads, and women shorten their hair.

  • Farewell Tawaf: Perform a final circumambulation of the Kaaba before departing Makkah.

Now that we understand what Hajj is and its significance for Muslims worldwide, let’s answer the next question on your mind - As a Saudi resident, how much is local Hajj and what are the packages available?

Local Hajj Packages and Costs

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah offers four different local Hajj packages for Saudi residents performing Hajj this year (2024), so here’s a breakdown of Hajj fees in Saudi Arabia :

  • Package 1: Premium Package (SAR 10,366.10): Offers high-comfort accommodation in luxury camps.

  • Package 2: Hospitality Package (SAR 8,092.55): Provides lodging in Mina hospitality camps.

  • Package 3: Jamarat Bridge Towers (SAR 13,265.25): Offers accommodation in one of the six towers near the Jamarat Bridge in Mina for maximum convenience.

  • Package 4: Economy Package (SAR 4,099.75): The most affordable option with basic services.

Note: here’s a breakdown of costs that are in the local Hajj packages:

  • Packages 1 & 2 may have additional transportation costs within the Holy Sites (Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifah) depending on the camp location. This could include the Mashair train, buses, and transport to assembly points.

  • Package 3 includes exclusive transportation via the Mashair train between the Holy Sites.

  • Package 4 includes transportation from your residence in Makkah to Mina for the stoning ritual, utilising buses and the Mashair train during the days of Tashreeq.

Local Hajj Registration

You may need a “Hajj permit” to complete your Local Hajj registration. You may be asking yourself what is a “Hajj permit”: A Hajj permit acts as an official authorisation from the Saudi Arabian government, allowing pilgrims to access the Holy Sites for performing the Hajj pilgrimage.

While a foreigner must have a Hajj Visa, a Saudi resident and GCC citizens need Hajj permits to perform Hajj. So, what are the required documents for local Hajj registration?

Required Documents for Local Hajj

Now that we understand that we need a Hajj permit for local Hajj booking, let’s have a look at the rest of the documents required for local residents’ Hajj:

Required Documents:

  • National ID (Iqama for residents); and

  • Valid certificate for Meningococcal meningitis vaccine (ACWY quadruple recommended).

Age Requirement:

  • As per the latest update by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, the minimum age to perform Hajj in 2024 is 15 years old.


  • Mandatory: Meningococcal meningitis, COVID-19, Polio and Yellow Fever. 

  • Recommended: Seasonal influenza

Mahram Requirement for Female Pilgrims:

Women over 45 can perform Hajj without a Mahram if:

  • They were part of a female pilgrims group.

  • They had permission from a husband or father.

Registration Procedures for Hajj 2024: A Local Hajj Booking Portal Guide

To register online for Hajj, look no further than Nusuk Hajj. Here’s a step-by-step guide to understand this local Hajj booking Portal :

  1. Get Started: Create your Nusuk Hajj account and upload the necessary documents.

  2. Complete Your Application: Fill out the online form with your details.

  3. Verification Process: Nusuk Hajj will review your application to ensure eligibility.

  4. Tailor Your Journey: Select your preferred package category based on budget and desired services.

  5. Prepare for Booking: Top up your eWallet for a seamless booking experience.

  6. Choose Your Trusted Partner: Browse profiles and select a reputable service provider.

  7. Find Your Ideal Package: Explore various packages and find the one that best suits your needs.

  8. Finalise Your Pilgrimage: Confirm your chosen Hajj package to secure your spot.

Be aware: Priority is given to first-time pilgrims.

Cancellation Procedure

Now that you have booked your package/local Hajj booking ahead of time, you may have second thoughts or may have some trouble and need to cancel your local Hajj booking. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know about cancelling your local Hajj booking:

  • Cancelling Your Nusuk Package: Remember, you can only cancel your entire package, not just the flights.

  • Check Before You Cancel: Some fares within your package are non-refundable. Review your itinerary for details.

  • Cancellation Costs: Airlines may allow cancellations 24 hours before departure, but a "no-show" fee might apply for last-minute cancellations. Nusuk also charges a 30 SAR processing fee per passenger for cancellations on top of any airline fees.

FAQs About Local Hajj

Q. What is the local Hajj? 

  1. Local Hajj is undertaken by someone already residing in Saudi Arabia. This contrasts with "international Hajj" where pilgrims travel from outside Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj.

Q. How much are the Hajj fees in Saudi Arabia?

  1. Hajj fees in Saudi Arabia differ depending on the package/accommodation that you prefer. It can go all the way from SAR 4,099.75 to SAR 10,366.10 (Transportation is not included in these prices).

Q. How to register for local Hajj?

  1. You can register for local Hajj via the website (LocalHaj.Haj.Gov.Sa), the Nusuk App or the Nusuk Hajj website.

Q. What is Nusuk Hajj Platform?

  1. Nusuk Hajj is a user-friendly local Hajj booking Portal backed by Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, that caters to international and local pilgrims seeking a smoother Hajj journey.

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