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Best Countries to Visit in July: Top Destinations for July Adventures

Updated: 3 days ago

July stands out as an ideal month to explore new places, with long sunny days and vibrant life all around. In this guide, we uncover the best countries to visit in July, offering everything from sun-drenched landscapes to cooler, tranquil retreats. Whether you're planning a family vacation or a solo adventure, get ready to dive into the diverse cultures, stunning natural wonders, and unique festivities these destinations have to offer.


red cottage house infront of a river overseeing a mountain
A country house located in the countryside of Sweden
  • Description: Embrace Sweden's enchanting summer, where the magic of nearly 24-hour daylight unfolds. The country, one of the best countries to visit in July with family, bursts into life with outdoor feasts, music, and celebrations.

  • Temperature in July: Typically pleasant, ranging from 16°C to 21°C.

  • Places to See:

  • Stockholm: Dive into the vibrant culture and rich history of Sweden’s capital.

  • Gothenburg: Enjoy the mix of modern art and lush green spaces.

  • Gotland: A serene getaway with historical sites and beautiful nature.

  • Fun Activities:

  • Midsummer Celebrations: Experience one of Sweden’s most festive traditions.

  • Island Exploration: Discover tranquil islands in the Stockholm archipelago.

  • How to Reach: Stockholm Arlanda Airport is your gateway to Sweden, with various flight booking options available.


a big cathedral overlooking the river
Helsinki Cathedral, a green dome surrounded by four smaller domes
  • Description: Finland, a peaceful haven of natural beauty, offers endless daylight and outdoor joy. It’s among the top places to visit in July, perfect for those who cherish nature and tranquillity.

  • Temperature in July: Warm and inviting, with averages between 15°C and 20°C.

  • Places to See:

  • Helsinki: Explore this lively city by the sea with its impressive design and parks.

  • Lakeland: Dive into the heart of Finnish serenity with a lake cottage stay.

  • Lapland: Unique summer experiences under the Midnight Sun.

  • Fun Activities:

  • Sauna and Swim: Indulge in Finland’s beloved sauna culture.

  • Summer Festivals: Join the locals in celebrations of music and art.

  • How to Reach: Helsinki-Vantaa Airport welcomes travellers with multiple affordable flights from around the globe.


A big mountain in the middle of a rain forest
Arenal Volcano National Park, Canada
  • Description: With its vast landscapes and festive spirit, Canada shines in July, offering a blend of urban excitement and wilderness adventures – truly one of the best countries to travel to in July.

  • Temperature in July: Comfortably warm in most regions, from 20°C to 25°C.

  • Places to See:

  • Banff National Park: Immerse yourself in the majestic beauty of the Canadian Rockies.

  • Toronto: Discover the vibrant culture and iconic landmarks.

  • Vancouver: Perfect for those who love both city life and nature.

  • Fun Activities:

  • Calgary Stampede: Don’t miss out on this thrilling rodeo and festival.

  • Outdoor Adventures: Explore Canada's natural wonders with hikes and wildlife tours.

  • How to Reach: Major airports like Toronto Pearson and Vancouver International provide the best flight deals.


a cliff side beach overlooking the sea
Whiterock Beach, Ireland
  • Description: The emerald isle, with its captivating landscapes and rich history, makes July a dream. It stands as one of the cheapest countries to visit in July, offering both warmth and enchanting views.

  • Temperature in July: Mild, hovering between 14°C and 20°C.

  • Places to See:

  • Cliffs of Moher: Spectacular views that are a must-see on any trip.

  • Ring of Kerry: Picturesque scenery at every turn.

  • Fun Activities:

  • Castle Explorations: Step back in time visiting Ireland's ancient castles.

  • How to Reach: Dublin Airport serves as a main hub, with various flight options available.


  • Description: As one of the best countries to visit in July, Norway showcases its unparalleled natural beauty during this time. The midnight sun bathes the country in continuous daylight, allowing more time for exploration and adventure in its dramatic landscapes.

  • Temperature in July: Expect pleasant weather, with average temperatures between 13°C and 18°C.

  • Places to See:

  • Oslo: Not just the capital, but a hub for Norwegian culture, history, and modern art. It's a must-visit for anyone travelling to Norway in July.

  • Bergen: This city is your gateway to some of Norway’s most famous fjords and is known for its historic Bryggen Wharf.

  • Lofoten Islands: Ideal for nature lovers, offering stunning landscapes and quaint fishing villages under the midnight sun.

  • Fun Activities:

  • Fjord Cruising: A top activity in Norway, especially in July when the weather is ideal for sailing through iconic Norwegian fjords like Geirangerfjord.

  • Hiking under the Midnight Sun: Take advantage of the long days to explore Norway’s scenic trails and national parks.

  • How to Reach: Oslo Airport serves as the main international gateway, connecting travellers to one of the best countries to travel to in July with numerous flight options.

United Kingdom

Tower bridge in london
Tower Bridge, United Kingdom.
  • Description: The United Kingdom, with its rich history and vibrant culture, makes for one of the top places to visit in July. From the lively streets of London to the serene Scottish Highlands, there's something for every traveller.

  • Temperature in July: The weather is generally warm, perfect for outdoor activities, with averages from 15°C to 25°C.

  • Places to See:

  • London: A city teeming with iconic sights, parks, and museums, making it a highlight for those visiting the UK in July.

  • Edinburgh: Prepare for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and explore the city's rich history.

  • Cornwall: Known for its picturesque beaches and coastal walks, a perfect summer getaway.

  • Fun Activities:

  • Attend a Cricket Match: Immerse yourself in one of the UK’s favourite summer sports, especially in July.

  • Explore National Parks: Discover the UK's natural beauty in places like the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands.

  • How to Reach: International airports like London Heathrow and Edinburgh offer easy access to those exploring the best countries to visit in the month of July.

New Zealand

  • Description: Offering a cooler retreat, New Zealand is one of the best countries to visit in July for those looking to escape the summer heat. The country's stunning landscapes transform into a winter wonderland, perfect for snow sports and cosy retreats.

  • Temperature in July: It's winter here, with temperatures ranging from 1°C to 15°C.

  • Places to See:

  • Queenstown: The winter sports capital, ideal for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts visiting New Zealand in July.

  • Rotorua: Experience Maori culture and geothermal wonders during the cooler months.

  • Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park: Marvel at snow-capped peaks and clear starry skies.

  • Fun Activities:

  • Skiing and Snowboarding: Embrace the winter season in the Southern Alps.

  • Hot Pool Bathing: Warm up in Rotorua's natural hot springs, a must-do when travelling to New Zealand in July.

  • How to Reach: Auckland International Airport serves as the main hub for those looking to explore one of the best countries to travel to in July, with connections to other major cities and attractions.


  • Description: Japan in July is alive with vibrant festivals, lush landscapes, and a unique blend of traditional and modern culture, making it one of the best countries to go to in July.

  • Temperature in July: The country experiences hot and humid weather, typically between 20°C and 30°C.

  • Places to See:

  • Tokyo: Dive into the bustling capital that offers endless entertainment, shopping, and dining experiences.

  • Kyoto: Explore ancient temples and attend traditional tea ceremonies.

  • Hokkaido: Enjoy milder temperatures and beautiful flower fields, a contrast to Japan's typically hot July weather.

  • Fun Activities:

  • Attend Summer Festivals (Matsuri): Experience the colour and joy of festivals like Kyoto's Gion Matsuri.

  • Climb Mount Fuji: July marks the opening of the climbing season for this iconic mountain.

  • How to Reach: Tokyo's Haneda and Narita airports are the main entry points, offering numerous international flights, making Japan one of the top places to visit in July.


  • Description: In July, Iceland is a realm of the midnight sun, dynamic landscapes, and outdoor adventures, securing its spot as one of the best countries to visit in July for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

  • Temperature in July: Enjoy milder weather, around 10°C to 15°C, perfect for exploring.

  • Places to See:

  • Reykjavik: Experience the lively culture and nightlife of Iceland's capital.

  • Golden Circle: A popular route featuring Þingvellir National Park, Geiranger, and Gullfoss waterfall.

  • Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon: Witness the majestic icebergs and vibrant wildlife.

  • Fun Activities:

  • Whale Watching: Spot various species in their natural habitat during July.

  • Glacier Hiking and Hot Springs: Explore Iceland’s glaciers and unwind in its famous hot springs.

  • How to Reach: Keflavik International Airport is the primary gateway for those venturing to one of the best countries to visit in July, with various international and domestic connections.


  • Description: Scotland in July is a blend of historical allure and natural splendour. With festivals and good weather, it's one of the best countries to visit in July with family.

  • Temperature in July: Mild summer weather, usually between 11°C and 19°C.

  • Places to See:

  • Edinburgh: Soak in the history and culture of Scotland's capital.

  • Isle of Skye: Discover breathtaking landscapes and coastal scenes.

  • Loch Ness: Search for the legendary Nessie or simply enjoy the stunning surroundings.

  • Fun Activities:

  • Golfing: Play at some of the world’s most famous golf courses.

  • Attend Highland Games: Experience traditional Scottish culture and sports.

  • How to Reach: Edinburgh and Glasgow airports provide convenient access for international travellers looking to discover one of the best countries to visit in July.


Embark on a journey to these spectacular destinations this July to enjoy everything from cultural festivities and historical explorations to natural wonders and serene landscapes. Each of these best countries to visit in the month of July offers unique experiences that cater to all types of travellers. Whether you're planning a trip with family, and friends, or going solo, a world of adventure awaits in these top July destinations. Pack your bags, book your flights, and get ready for an unforgettable summer adventure.


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