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Xposure International Photography Festival 2024: Imagery Unbound

The Xposure International Photography Festival 2024 is a beacon of artistic expression. Held every year in Sharjah, UAE the Xposure festival brings together photographers, enthusiasts, and art lovers from around the world.

Sharjah skyline with skyscrapers
Sharjah - Host of Xposure International Photography Festival 2024

Join us as we delve into the eighth rendition of the Xposure International Photography Festival, where the language of light speaks volumes, and the art of photography ignites the imagination.

The Date of The Xposure Photography Festival 2024

The Xposure International Photography Festival 2024 will be held from  28th FEBRUARY to 5th MARCH 2024 in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

The Xposure International Photography Festival 2024 Tickets

General Admission tickets are free on the Xposure International Photography Festival website until the 5th of March.

Xposure Photography Festival 2024 Events

With many Xposure International Photography Festival events, here are our top picks for you:

The Xposure Sharjah Auditorium

Step into the Xposure Sharjah Auditorium, a meticulously designed space where photography comes to life with engaging talks and insightful discussions, the Xposure Sharjah Auditorium is free of charge to enter.

The Xposure International Photography Festival 2024 workshops

If you ever wanted to delve into the fundamentals of photography, now is your chance, with the Xposure International Photography Festival 2024 workshops that cater to beginners' needs to teach them the essential techniques and principles of photography.

The Xposure International Photography Festival 2024 Trade show

The Xposure Festival 2024 trade show is all about veteran and beginner photographers trying out the latest products that companies have to offer, the Xposure Festival trade show has been expanding since 2018 to include more floors to be able to accommodate more companies, and since 2020 they started hosting filming equipment, film distributors, film-making and post-processing equipment and software.

The Xpousre International Photography Festival 2024 Stage X

Stage X is a brand new feature in the Xpousre International Photography Festival 2024 arsenal it is going to be held during the seven days of the Xposure Festival, it is a panel for attendees to watch live product presentations and short film screenings for free to help anyone interested in the growing innovations in the photography and film industry.

Gallery X

Gallery X is back again in the Xposure Festival, this time it will be hosted on the Al Majaz Amphitheatre Island.

Gallery X  is an esteemed platform made to showcase the work of renowned photographers worldwide; These artists are handpicked and invited to Gallery X to showcase their work for 30 days. With the current exhibition “THIRTEEN CITIES” running from 01 December till 31 December by Beno Saradzic.

Gallery X over the years has amassed a roster of the most renowned photographers from all over the world like: 

  • Steve McCurry: The American Photographer is most known for his photograph “Afghan Girl”

  • Stephen Wilkes: is an American photographer, photojournalist, director and fine artist well known for his  “Day to Night” series

  • Muhammed Muheisen: A Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist from Jordan, renowned for his poignant and evocative portrayals of individuals and communities amid conflict and displacement.

Xposure Photography Awards

Xposure Photography & Film Awards

The Xposure Photography & Film Awards are now open for entries. Come and Showcase your talent on a global stage and compete for lucrative cash prizes and prestigious accolades. 

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your artistic journey, the Xposure Festival invites you to submit your exceptional work. The competition welcomes entries from individuals over 18, allowing both established artists and emerging talents to showcase their passion and creativity.

Here are all the Categories:

  • Architectural Photography

  • Drone Photography

  • Junior Photography

  • Mobile Photography

  • Nature & Landscape

  • Night Photography

  • Photojournalism

  • Portraiture 

  • Short Film & Moving Image

  • Street Photography

Xposure Photography awards cash prizes are as follows:

  • The overall winner of all 10 categories will win a $6,000 prize

  • While each category winner will receive a $3,000 prize

  • Second place in each category will be awarded a $1,500 prize

Junior Photography Awards

The Junior Photography Award is handed out annually, young photographers residing in the UAE can showcase their talents by entering the Junior Photography Award. Open to individuals 18 and younger, the award recognizes exceptional photographs captured within the past three years.


The IFPA, or Independent Freelance Photographers Awards, is the most prestigious award that The Xposure Festival has to offer, featuring a substantial $15,000 prize for the winner. It is open to independent and freelance photojournalists worldwide, inviting them to enter and compete. A panel of global photography experts judges the winning photo essays. Once selected, the two winning photo essays are prominently displayed during the Xposure Festival.

The Xpousre International Photography Festival presents three distinct categories for photo essay submissions, each requiring a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 12 images:

  • Spot News

  • Environment

  • Solutions

You may enter in any number of categories, with a minimum of 10 images per category.

The Xpousre Festival 2024 brings back The Global Focus Project

The Global Focus Project, which originally started in March 2023, is a nomination-based initiative to celebrate the work of 2 accomplished photographers, one male and one female, from each continent. These 12 Photographers are being invited to Sharjah in recognition of their work and contributions to the field of photography.

The Xposure Festival Prominent Speakers

At Xposure International Photography Festival 2024, 35 separate talks are set to cover photography at all levels, the discussion panel is scheduled throughout the festival, which provides a great opportunity for photographers from all levels to learn from experts and gain knowledge from like-minded people.


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